CNC Machined Plastic Components

Using the latest 5 axis CNC machining technology Concept Tooling can realise your CAD model in most engineering plastics.


* ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

* Nylon (PA) 6, 66, GR

* Acetal

* Acrylic

* Polypropylene (PP)

* Polystyrene (PS)

* Polyether ether ketone (PEEK)

* Cotton Reinforced Phenolic Resin (Tufnol)


Be it a ‘one-off’ or a small series run, prototype or production, Concept can supply your CNC Machined Plastic Components to exacting tolerances and lead-times.


The ability to use 5 axis CNC machining invariably means less set-ups and associated costs and more often than not, can be very price comparable to China sourced CNC Machined Plastic Components, where they are less likely to be using 5 axis machining and UK sourced components are subject to quicker delivery.


Our maximum machining envelope measures 3.6m(x) x 2.6m(Y) x 1.3m(Z) so can accommodate most sizes of components, or multiples of. Also, with on-machine touch probe digital measuring to hand, it is a quick seamless step in producing standard measuring reports, verifying your parts conformity and giving you peace of mind. This is not always the case with China sourced CNC Machined Plastic Components.


All materials used for our CNC Machined Plastic Components are certified and C of Cs (Certificate of Conformity) are always available if required.