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Composite Tooling & Patterns (Tooling for Composites)

Concept Tooling have been supplying Carbon Composite Tooling and Pattern solutions for the last 35 years. We have built ourselves a formidable reputation within the carbon composite tooling industry, based on our considerable knowledge and experience gained over this time.

Aluminium Carbon Composite Tooling and Patterns

Generally aluminium 5080 is used to 5 axis CNC machine Carbon Composite Tooling and Patterns up 2.6m (X) x 2.2m (Y) x 1.3m (Z). This can be from 5000 grade cast billet or from proprietary tooling plate. Concepts Bellotti Sky 2662 series machining centres ensure very high tolerances are held over the entire machining envelope.


Having 5 axis machining provides a very quick solution to the machining of any loose cores or side movements. Carbon Composite Tooling can be supplied with a variety of pre agreed surface finishes, from machined only, right up to ‘A’ class mirror polish.


Concept Tooling design and manufacture the aluminium carbon composite tooling direct from your component’s CAD model and with our quick-change on-machine Co-Ordinate Measuring Probe, an accurate inspection report can be generated in minutes, whilst the carbon composite tooling or patterns remain in situ on the bed of machine. This cumulates in saving time and expense by negating the need to transfer to another department for inspection, or the re-setting up, should additional machining work be required.


High Density PU foam Carbon Composite Tooling and Patterns


Designed for short or prototype runs, generally 0.7gr/cm3 high density, high temperature polyurethane tooling-board will give you your carbon composite tooling and patterns at a fraction of the cost and quicker lead-times of aluminium carbon composite tooling, perfect for the early prototyping or very low-volume carbon composite part production. We will also happily manufacture your carbon composite tooling and patterns using your supplied or specified material.


All carbon composite tooling, be them Aluminium or high density PU Tooling-Board, are supplied with overall and main feature dimensional inspection reports. Specific requirements to be discussed prior to ordering.

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