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As part of our on-going commitment to our QA (Quality Assurance) and to supplying quality components and tooling, Concept Tooling has invested heavily into the latest surface measuring technology available.


Full inspection and report generation can be carried out using one of the three systems we have installed here at Biscester.


All of our touch and non-touch surface data capturing systems use Delcam’s Power Inspect operating system, which is part and parcel of our Delcam CAD/CAM package.


  • Faro Arm Edge with Laser Line Probe

  • On-Machine-Verification (OMV)- Renishaw Touch Probe (CNC Machining centres) 3.6m(x) x 2.6m(y) x 1.3m(z)

  • Stiefelmayer CMM - Renishaw Touch Probe 2.5m(x) x 4m(y)

  • Delcam’s Power Inspect software


Simply by digitally laser scanning or touch probing the surface of the finished work, the generated mesh or point data is laid over the 3D CAD model, any deviation from the nominal will be highlighted as a +/- value.

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