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Pattern Making

Concept Tooling has 35 years of pattern making experience. Coupled with today’s state of the art high speed machining technology makes Concept Tooling one of the most reliable sources of Master Pattern manufactures to be found in the UK. 

Traditional ‘Handmade’ pattern making has now largely been taken over by the use of CNC Machining, as almost all engineering design is now done using CAD to generate a computerised 3D model of the design. Today, using CNC machining, Pattern Makers now manufacture exactly to the CAD model, which eliminates any danger of possible human error in interoperating 2D drawings and sketches as it was in the past.

Five Axis CNC Machining means that a component can now be manufactured or approached by cutting tools from all but one face or angle, reducing set up time and holding jig requirements. Today’s materials have also changed to allow high speed machining from any direction.

Concept uses state of the art cutting technology to Five Axis CNC machine master patterns, plugs, and associated tooling for the GRP/Carbon Composite and Foundry industries from light weight polystyrene foundry patterns to high density PU patterns and plugs of decks and hulls for the Marine industry.

Our Five Axis CNC Belotti and CMS Machining centres can accommodate master patterns and plugs up to 3.6m (X) x 2.6m (Y) x 1.3m (Z) accommodating most patterns in one hit.

OMV or On-Machine-Verification, is a process where the finished patterns can be inspected whilst remaining on the CNC machine it was cut on. Using Renishaw touch probes we can run a specified measurement program to automatically verify the patterns conformity. 

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