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Model Making

The term ‘Model Making’ can cover a huge spectrum of different activities but here at Concept we specialise in medium to large scale 5 axis CNC machining of complex three dimensional shapes.


Our Model Making expertise spreads across the Automotive, Motorsport, Architectural Products, Advertising, Film, Theatre, Marine and Consumer products sectors.


In the Automotive and Motorsport industry Concepts Model Making skills have been used for creating design review models, ergonomic test models, wind tunnel test models and model used in advertising campaigns.


Architectural Model Making can range from design reviews for metal work, interiors and sanitary ware to complicated full size sectional models of building detail in foam for aesthetic considerations.


Large scale advertising models of animals, people, film characters and Theatre Props, like giant tea cups for instance, can be 5 axis CNC machined direct from your supplied CAD.


Concept have had 35 years’ experience of large scale Model Making for the Marine industry, producing finished desk-top models to scale model hulls used in water tank testing.


Where large Model Making of consumer models is required, Concept Tooling offer 5 axis CNC machining in medium density PU foam of such items as life size cookers, washing machines and fridges where a block or space model is required, but where rapid prototyping would be too cost prohibitive on such a scale. Fine detail however, can be added using Rapid Prototyping completing the overall effect later.


If you do not have CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) Concept offer a full CAD and reverse engineering service where we will laser scan your hand sculpted model, create a three dimensional CAD model, which we then finally CNC machine to whatever size you require.


Our largest 5 axis CNC machining format measures 3.6m(x) x 2.6m(y) x 1.3m(z), however using CAD we can manipulate your CAD model in to manageable sections, so theoretically we have no size constraint, as we simply reassemble the various sections in our model shop to the desired scale

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