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Checking Gauges

Concept Tooling has 35 years of Checking Gauge manufacturing and design knowledge and has worked with some of the most demanding of customers in supporting their quality control. 

5 axis CNC machining and on-machine CMM are contributory factors in Concept Tooling’s continuing success to delivering high accuracy Checking Gauges for the Automotive, Motorsport and Aerospace sectors. 

Working on size formats up to 3.6m(x) x 2.6m(y) x 1.3m(Z), Concept can deliver simple ‘go-no-go’ checking gauges, up to complex Checking Gauge incorporating removable or swinging sections or arms, slip gauges and DTIs (Dial Test Indicators) to a general tolerance of +/- 0.1mm and +/- 0.05mm where specified. 

Checking Gauges are mounted on rigid aluminium tooling gauge plate and if easily portable, come complete with carrying handles. Large gauges can be supplied on bespoke ‘trollies’ where castors allow easy transportation. All Checking Gauges are delivered complete with full certification and reports.

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