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5 AXIS Composite Machining and Trimming

Concept Tooling offer a complete Carbon Fibre Composite 5 Axis CNC Machining and Trimming support service, using the latest carbon cutting technology, to assist you with your assembly and final production. 

Through holes, hole-boring, surface skimming and edge trimming are all operations Concept can assist with in producing your Carbon Fibre Composite Components using our 5 Axis CNC Machining centres for visually sensitive exterior panels to hidden components.


Our CMC and Belotti 5 axis CNC Machining centres offer a maximum machining envelope of 3.6m(X) x 2.6m(Y) x 1.3m(X) accommodating most components. 

Very important to the success of 5 Axis CNC Machining of Carbon Fibre Components are the jigs that hold these components, repeatedly, in the correct position. Concept Tooling’s 35 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing holding jigs ensures the best arrangement is chosen to suit your particular Carbon Fibre Composite components for 5 axis CNC Machining and Trimming. 


Depending on geometry and cost constraints, jigs can be simple manual lock-down systems right up to a full vacuum assisted construction, for a speedier cycling of products. 

Our On-Machine-Verification (OMV) CNC system can be employed to inspect every Carbon Composite Component, if required, ensuring part conformity, before final release from the holding jigs. 

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