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As part of our suite of design based support services, Concept Tooling offer in-house Reverse Engineering.


Using the latest laser scanning technology, The Faro Arm Edge Laser Line Probe, we can digitally map the surface of any 3D physical model, pattern or existing component. After importing the captured surface data into CAD package, we can create a solid 3D CAD model of your object, which can then be used to control the manufacturing process. This process is what we call Reverse Engineering.


Once created, the 3D CAD model can be used for making rapid prototyping models, CNC machining a physical component or for making tooling for a chosen production method.


The Reversed Engineered CAD model can also be used to check the conformity of a finished component or tool. Simply by digitally scanning or touch probing the surface of the finished work and generating a mesh and by laying this mesh over the 3D CAD model, any deviation from the nominal will be highlighted as a value.

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